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Therapy for Adults

Improve Your Relationships
and Enjoy Your Life More

I am only doing online counseling.


Relationships can bring so much love, joy and wonderful companionship. However, when not working, they can bring such pain, loneliness and sometimes, feelings of betrayal.

I can work with you to improve your full range of adult relationships.  I work with marital couples, unmarried couples, family relationship issues and anyone wanting to enhance their relationship skills.  I don't work with children or teenagers.

Are you feeling stuck in unhealthy patterns and dysfunctional communication?  In healthy relationships, we feel love and joy, and that the effort we put into it is well worth it.  We trust and support one another and feel loved as we are.  Some have never had the experience of a healthy relationship and for some the joy has diminished over the years.  I will help guide you to meet your relationship goals.  Whether your issues involve infidelity or other betrayals, power struggles, or patterns of emotional hurt and disappointment, you can improve your relationship.

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Be aware that confidentiality cannot be guaranteed with e-mail. I will not be able to respond to personal information about you by e-mail due to privacy concerns and the increased likelihood of misunderstandings. For confidential messages, call my voice mail at 941-954-1506.

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